The Normanton Chronicles

Books written and illustrated by Richard Bell

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The Normanton Chronicles


There's something about Normanton that reminds me of a seaside town - like parts of Scarborough or Bridlington: it seems relaxed, down to earth with a touch of out of season nostalgia.

‘Victorian civic pride, now a little worn at the seams, sits comfortably alongside today's gaudy brashness, like a grandparent amongst the boisterous toddlers at a family party.


‘It gives the town a strong visual identity . . .’


Paperback, black and white and colour, 36 pages,

size approx 145 x 147 mm (a little under 6 inches square).  Printed on a colour laser in the artist’s studio with a laminated cover printed by offset lithography.

ISBN 1-902467-09-4


Post free in the U.K. Please let me know if you would like me to send a copy further afield.

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