This Distant Northern Sea

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This Distant Northern Sea


Richard Bell, our pal in Yorkshire, has begun publishing a series of raw journals he calls 'sushi' books. I ordered a copy of This Distant Northern Sea, in which Richard presents a single day's drawing on a trip he took in Scarborough . . .

‘ . . . His drawings are, of course, fantastic (visitors to his site and readers of his many other books will expect no less). He draws commuters, the view out the train window, herring gulls, fishing boats and villages on the the shoreline, a staggering amount of work for one single day of drawing and painting.'


Danny Gregory,


Richard writes: At the end of February I found myself wanting to spend a day drawing by the sea so I set off on the train for Scarborough on a day of strong northerly winds and spectacular breakers at high tide. Sheltering where I could, I got so much drawing done that I made up another facsimile sketchbook in the Sushi format, in the same 6 x 6 inch format as the original sketchbook. Like the other Sushis I print it here in the studio on a colour laser printer (apart from, in this case, the laminated cover which was printed by offset lithography).


Paperback, black and white and colour, 24 pages, size approx 145 x 147 mm (a little under 6 inches square)

ISBN 1-902467-11-6